I have been working hard on my music and have just made my new EP #Slo – EP available on iTunes so thought I would share so you can listen. The 5 tracks are all very chilled so great if you are in the bath and need to relax! Lament is the first track, I found a sample which I thought was so beautiful I made some music around it. It sounds like a lament and conjures up images of a large gothic church, maybe that’s just me!. Time Unravelling is how I imagine it to sound, the abstract movement of time shifting speeds, unwinding with space in-between, space to think perhaps? Peace comes in waves again is a very abstract track. I recorded the birdsong on my phone one very hot lunchtime in the countryside, it was so peaceful. It made me think about how peaceful moments come and go like waves. Childs Play was a completely different way to work. I had my friends children round for a visit, one is learning the piano so I recorded her playing what she had learnt. Eventually, both children had recorded sounds which I later edited and looped. The challenge for me was to make something which I hoped might encourage them to continue to learn music. I recently went to see Nils Frahm at the Barbican, its the second time I have seen him and I love his music. I came away so inspired that I made this track #PM which is kind of an ode to him. I hope you enjoy listening to my music. You can also find me on Soundcloud here. Onwards!

Created this logo, clothing tags and postcards for an exciting new fashion label based in Ibiza. The brief was to give the brand a hand drawn feel, a little bit of shimmer and something which represented the sun.


Have designed some colourful postcards for Salinas Ibiza where the flamingos live on the salt pans, a fun project and hopefully they will sell!


I designed the DVD cover to accompany the Koestler Trust Arts Mentoring Programme film. You can find out more about the great work The Koestler Trust does here. You can also watch the Arts Mentoring film here.

My music was used to accompany this video of a dance by choreographer Dane Jeremy Hurst. The dance is an improvisation based on an original dance work called Primitive. It was inspired as a response to Dane witnessing an act of violence against a woman on the streets of London. Caught between fear and a primal urge to react, the dance piece examines the struggle of emotions raging inside the observer. The video was filmed by Julian Langham.

I was commissioned to make a music track on behalf of the Arts Council-funded Carnival Arts Advocacy project. The purpose of the film is to illustrate the excellence of the UK Carnival Art form; to tell some of the good news stories of Carnival-based projects and to highlight the year-round community involvement and artistic endeavour provided by these leading four UK Carnival groups. I am very happy with the track and really enjoyed making music for video. You can also listen to the track on my music page. I hope you enjoy.

This is a music track I made a while ago for the Boombastic Swimwear video. The video was used to promote their swimwear range. The track is called ‘Spanish Swim’, you can hear the track on my music page too.

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Lucy just got her lovely new business cards I designed for her..thats Lucy on the front, she is a Brighton-based hairdresser, if you would like an appointment you can call her on 01273 694725 chop chop!!


Earlier this year I created some posters for Brighton Togs to help them celebrate their second year in business. They are the best professional photographers in town and you can check out their website here.

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